Sugar Creek Outfitters Hunt the Best!! Sugar Creek Outfitters Hunt the Best!! Watch Us on TV!

Sugar Creek Outfitters is a premiere trophy buck outfitting operation, based in West Central Illinois' famed Golden Triangle. With over 5,500 acres of prime land in Schuyler county, the combination of superior genetics, intense management and unheard of low hunting pressure results in the very best potential for taking that buck of a lifetime a hunter can hope for. This can be seen by one of our archery hunters doing the unimaginable in the fall of 2005 and killing a 200 inch gross typical, netting out at 192 5/8. As if that wasn't enough, he caught it all on professional video.

Everything at Sugar Creek Outfitters is done to reach the common goals of producing the biggest free range bucks one can imagine and creating a once in a lifetime hunt for our clients. The quality can be seen in everything we do.

That begins with deer management. Head deer manager Chad John and outdoor writer/hunting expert Steve Bartylla join to create one of the most knowledgeable and respected management teams any outfitting operation could hope for, but few if any others possess. With 3 full time employees working under Chad, these guys are not only savvy woodsmen, but they live in Sugar Creek's woods 365 days a year. Their knowledge of their deer and hunting lands can't be touched.

Sugar Creek OutfittersAlong with that, Sugar Creek Outfitters uses a full line of Antler king seed products, ensuring that their whitetails have an abundance of top quality, year round nutrition. Of course, this helps maximize antler development. However, our use of strategically placed kill plots also serves as invaluable aids in putting that buck of a lifetime within weapons range.

Of course, none of that means much if hunting pressure isn't kept low. We challenge you to find a full time outfitter with lower hunting pressure. Honestly, we don't believe one exists. Despite every stand being in a great location, each season nearly half the stands don't even get hunted once. Most that are hunted have been sat no more than 1-5 times the entire season. We know how much hunting fresh stands in great locations means to the success of our clients and we provide them in surplus.

Speaking of stands, Sugar Creek offers a full line of options. Most hang on stands are either Lone Wolf or Rivers Edge, and we're not talking the small versions. Large platforms and seats not only make for comfort, but allow our hunters the ability to get in better position for the shots. We also use numerous ladder stands, tripods and Double Bull ground blinds, for those that are uncomfortable in hang-on stands.

To keep up on trophy buck activity, over 50 scouting cameras are working day and night. Most often, you will be shown what specific bucks you stand a good chance of seeing from the stand you will be hunting that day.

Finally, we know what is important to hunters for accommodations. Our base camp has soft beds, a camp cook, 3 showers, satellite TV and WiFi. Great meals and accommodations designed to meet your every need is simply a given when hunting with Sugar Creek Outfitters. Don't take our word on any of this, though. We encourage you to call our references. Our past and current clients do a better job of selling us than we ever could... And we happen to believe that says something pretty special.